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Strike at quebec's public cannabis dispensary

Since May 2022, 22 branches of the Société Québécoise du Cannabis have been on strike. This situation is representative of a general trend in the public sector in many Canadian provinces, as well as elsewhere in the world: squeeze workers’ wages, seek maximum profitability and minimum cost, and ignore the effects on society at large. The private sector is not left out, and this strike is strikingly similar to so many others that have taken place during 2022 outside the public sector.



It is the same thing since the arrival of the Europeans on the American continent: the authorities, the commercial interests and eventually, the big landowners and the powerful multinationals are involved in an arm wrestling match (mostly favorable to them) with the different native nations for their territory. The latter are desperately trying to have their sovereign rights respected, generally flouted by the federal government, which allows exploitation and development companies to pick up the profits and leave for Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver or even tax havens.