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Four Indigenous Women Murdered in Winnipeg

Police refuse to search for their remains, a group could force them

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During the spring of 2022, four Indigenous women, Marcedes Myran, Morgan Harris, Rebecca Contois and Buffalo Woman (unidentified), were murdered by Jeremy Skibicki. Contois' remains were found in a dumpster behind Skibicki's apartment as well as the Brady landfill. Police suspect the remains of Myran and Harris to be at Prairie Green landfill, whereas the remains of Buffalo Woman are still unknown.

In a press conference held December 6, Winnipeg Police Chief Danny Smyth and Forensics Inspector, Cam MacKid, referenced a feasibility study the Winnipeg Police conducted in June, saying that due to environmental factors, amount of garbage dumped, and it being compacted under 40 feet of mud, the police will not search Prairie Green. 

The same day as the police's media release, Cambria Harris (daughter of Morgan Harris) spoke at Parliament to advocate the necessity of searching both landfills. "They [Winnipeg Police] say they cannot search because it is not feasible. Is human life not feasible?... I should not have to stand here today, I should not have to come here and be so mad and beg, and beg so you will find and bring our loved ones home."

On three separate occasions in early December, Indigenous Warriors blocked garbage trucks from dumping in the Brady landfill. To pressure the Winnipeg Police to continue the search of Brady landfill and begin to search the Prairie Green landfill for the women's remains - a permanent encampment, Camp Morgan, was set up on December 18th.

"I've had forensic anthropologists reach out to me saying that this is possible. While it's going to be hard, it is possible... They say it comes down to 'feasibility' because they don't want to put in the funding. But what they would be handing out is mere pocket change. 500,000 dollars is mere pocket change to the Federal Government, it's not even a dent in their pockets."

However, due to the resistance of the camp and Cambria Harris, on February 8 the Federal Government of Canada announced they would give $500,000 to pay for a feasibility study of the Prairie Green landfill. Camp Morgan is still holding strong as they continue to fight for the search for Buffalo Woman at the Brady landfill, as the police still do not know where her remains are located.

When asked why she thought the government was providing the money for the feasibility study now, Harris had this to say:

Harris adds: "Donations are always appreciated, and supplies are always needed at Camp Morgan which is located at the Brady Landfill, near Ethan Boyer Road. We currently have a tipi set up, and constant supplies needed are medicines such as sweet grass, cedar, sage, and tobacco. Firewood is always needed, as well as food supplies and toiletries. If you would like to send a direct donation, donations can be sent to [email protected]"

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